Privacy Policy

Miyazaki car ferry Co., Ltd., Marine Agency Co., Ltd. (will call “our companies” beneath) recognizes that personal information is an important asset of the individual and, as such, the company has established the following basic policy relating to the handling of personal information.

Compliance with laws and regulations that protect personal information

We will comply and honor laws and regulations applicable to the protection of personal information we possess, and will treat the personal information appropriately.

About gathering personal information, management and collection of it

Acquisition and use of personal information is done by lawful and fair means under these conditions by our companies.

  • ※ The selling and reservations of boarding passes. (Boarding procedure documents)
  • ※ The selling and reservations of other products.
  • ※ Supplying memberships and services of Marine cards (Card members).
  • ※ Implementing surveys about services of our companies.
  • ※ Information about each service of our companies.
  • ※ Corresponding to questions and requests.

About disclosure and provision of the third-party information

  • ※ Our companies will not disclose nor provide personal information to any Third Party other than these means beneath.
  • ※ When we have the consent from our customers.
  • ※ When it is requested by the law.
  • ※ When we judge that it is hard to gain consent from the customer when in a life or death situation.
  • ※ When gaining consent from the customer, and when they might prevent the government, local public organizations or those entrusted by them, to implement responsibility to cooperate in public affairs,
  • ※ When our companies need all, or parts of personal information in a limited purpose of use, to entrust this information to trusted businesses.
  • ※ When providing comprehensive services to a group company for cooperation in a limited purpose of use.

About management of
personal information

Our companies will organize a structured plan to maintain accurate and newest personal information, while taking necessary and fitting measures to keep personal information safe and from getting lost, manipulated and leaked.

Provision, revision, suspension and elimination of Personal information

Our companies understand that the customer has the rights to provide, revise, suspend and eliminate their personal information. When requested for this action, a personal information consulting service has been placed to identify if the client is the person in question, and we will correspond within a rational and lawful range and duration.

About alteration and application of the privacy policy

With this privacy policy, our companies will interpret that, the customer understands the content of how our companies will use the customer’s personal information for our companies services. Furthermore, based on the changes of our companies services, we capacitate that we can change the content of this.

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