Telephone booking

  • We accept on the date reservations at the boarding port.
  • Kobe Sannomiya ferry terminal

    ▶︎ 078-321-2244

  • Miyazaki port ferry terminal

    ▶︎ 0985-29-8311

  • Reception hours
  • Weekdays
    Weekends and holidays
  • ※Please understand that during Golden Week, Obon and new years, the phone lines can be very condensed and hard to get a hold of.

The flow of the reservation

Telephone reservations

  • Telephone reservations
  • We accept reservations 2 months before boarding date. Also, if there is not the same date due to the calendar, we will make that date the day after.
  • After paying on sight, you can board
  • Please receive your boarding pass on the day of boarding. Boarding will start about one hour before voyage, so please arrive at the terminal one hour in advance. Boarding procedures must be finished 20 minutes before voyage. When failed to do this, you may not be allowed to come aboard. Please be aware of this.

Cautions when booking on the phone

Phone bookings are accepted on the business days 2 months before your boarding day. Also, if there is not the same date due to the calendar, we will make that date the day after. If this is a round-trip, we will accept reservations within 30 days of the return path, including the outward path appointment date. You will be asked your name, number of passengers-adults or children, and contact information when booking. Anyone older then junior high school age is considered an adult. And anyone under the age of primary school is considered a child. Confirm the length of your car with the automobile inspection certificate when boarding with your car.

※ If there is cargo sticking out of one spot or on the front or rear of the car, we will charge you the car shipment fare according to the included length of the cargo sticking out.
※When boarding with connected cars, we will fine you with the total length of the connected cars according to the car shipment fare.

About pre-schoolers

Child (A child between the age of 1 and the age before entering primary school) … One child will be free to freight to one adult. (The child will be required to be seated on the same seat as the adult.) Infant (A child under the age of 1) … Free to freight.

Payment methods

On the boarding day, please pay with cash or credit card at the counter. We only accept one-time or two-time credit card transactions. Acceptable card brands are JCB, VISA, MASTER, NICOS, UC, DINERS, AMEX.

The card may only be used by the person boarding. Please make sure the expiration date is valid by boarding date. We may ask you to pay in cash if your credit card transaction could not be processed.