Company Name Miyazaki car ferry co.,Ltd
  • Headquarters3-14 Minato, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki-ken, postal code 880-0858
  • Kansai branch3-7 Shinko-chou, Chuou-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyougo-ken, postal code 650-0041
  • Kagoshima branchKagoshima MS building 5th floor, 11-21 Nishisengoku-chou, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshimaken, postal code 892-0847
Year Founded March, 2018
Capital Fund 1.15 billion yen
Representative President and representative director – Akinaga Kazuomi

Management philosophy

  • 1. To fulfill our social mission as public transit, and to mutually prosper with the regional industries.
  • 2. To see that it’s our duty to grow human resources for continuing business, and to mutually prosper with the related companies such as their employees and families.
  • 3. To promote a modal shift to preserve global environment, and to mutually prosper with the society to save energy.

Corporate philosophy

  • We strive to work as professionals to provide security to our clients and related parties through safe operations, safe transports and replying to their needs.

Our basic principle considering safe transportation.

  • What our company prioritises is safety of transport due to our high publicity. To make this possible, we focus on related laws and regulations same as office regulations to build a safe environment. Also, we monitor safety management systems, and work fast to analyze and take hold of problems so we can reform them. We continuously review our improvement plans, so all of our employees can have a safe mindset, and to build a foundation of a safe culture.
  • Miyazaki car ferry co.,Ltd President and representative director – Akinaga Kazuomi

About the Civil Protection Business Plan

Our company is working towards a business plan to protect people in case of armed violence situations based on the thinking of Civil Protection Laws.

Our companies Civil Protection Business Plan