• Q.Is it possible to board without reservations?
  • A.It is possible when there are empty seats. You can check in at the port of that day.
    Information about the terminal.
  • Q.During typhoons or bad weather, when will voyages be decided?
  • A.We will consider the sea conditions, and will let you know by the morning.
  • Q.Are there hot-water supply room and microwave on board?
  • A.Microwaves will be at the entrance of the game corner,
    and hot-water supply rooms will be placed in front of the first-class guest rooms on the 4th floor.
  • Q.Does the price change during New Years and Obon?
  • A.There is a busy season fare appliance period. Please check the fare page.
  • Q.Can I use my credit card on board?
  • A.You cannot use your credit card.
  • Q.Can I leave my car at the port?
  • A.You cannot leave it at Kobe port. There is limited parking space at Miyazaki port.
    But, during the time the car is parked, we will take no responsibilities for damages or theft.
  • Q. Should we bring our own towels?
  • A. You can rent towels on board for 200 yen.
    (There is a 300 yen insurance fee, but we will pay that back once the towel is returned.)
  • Q.Is there space to eat on board?
  • A.There is limited space, but there are tables and chairs you can use on the outlook corridor.
  • Q.What should we do when we forgot something on board?
  • A.Please ask the port that you got off at. We will search for it once you tell us your room number and what you forgot.
  • Q.What time can we make reservations from?
  • A. For telephone reservations, it will be from 2 months in advance. For the net reservation, we will let you know on the home page.
    ※ Telephone reservation(Eg.) Now: August 29th. You can make reservations up to October 29th.
  • Q.Are there AED's (Automated external defibrillator) on board?
  • A.There is one on the on board information office.