Guests in use of wheelchairs

It is possible to use wheelchairs on board, due to wide corridor and the low number of steps. There are also elevators and restrooms for wheelchair users. Please understand that you will not be able to some facilities such as the outlook bathroom. Please contact us from here.

※ For safety of guests in wheelchairs, and those who will need help, please let us know when you are making your reservations.

Pregnant passengers

If you are pregnant, please notify us when making reservations.

It is possible for unexpected accidents to happen during long voyages, but there are no doctors nor nurses on board of this ferry. For safety reasons, passengers who are pregnant, and over 28 weeks of pregnancy will be declined to board the ferry.

We are not allowed to admit pregnant passengers who are up to 28 week of pregnancy to go on board, if and when the captain expects unsafe sailing conditions like bad weather to occur.

Passengers boarding with pets

Please consult with us when making reservations when boarding with pets. Please pay the usage fee of the pet rooms while on board.

Usage fee: 2,100 yen

  • ※It is possible to board with cages
  • ※When you want to put more than one pet in the same cage, our staff will show you which cage you could choose. About locks: We will lock the pet room once voyaged. Ask the information desk when wanting to take care of your pet before 21:30.
  • ※You are not allowed to enter the room after 21:30.
  • ※The pricing will be the same when boarding with your own cage.

Other items to notice

Medical drugs sold in on-board store

Due to the revision of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (Starting June 1st, 2009), general medication sales systems have been reconsidered. Please notice that because of the “Medical drugs special sales”, we were able to sale medical drugs (ec. medicine for motion sickness) in the on-board store, but due to the change of law, starting March 1st, 2018, we are not able to sale these medical drugs on-board anymore.

※There is no store to buy these even at each port shops.

Bringing medical devices on board

Please notify the reservation center if passengers will be suing medical oxygen tanks or medical equipment’s.

About low line cars boarding

When boarding with low line cars (Less than 9cm of the ground), please go to the ports window clerk to fill out the fixed procedure.

※For low line cars, despite having car inspections, when boarding or when on board, there is a possibility of the bumpers or number plates to get scratched. Please be notified that if this happens, our company will take no responsibility for any damages. Also, we might decline cars that are extremely low line.