Boarding Procedure

Boarding procedures


Go to the boarding terminal

Boarding will start about one hour before voyage.
Please arrive at the terminal one hour in advance.
Boarding procedures must be finished 20 minutes before voyage.
When failed to do this, you may not be allowed to come aboard. Please be aware of this.


Fill out boarding list at the boarding procedure counter

You must complete the boarding list at the terminal.
Please display “vehicle inspection certificate” at the counter when boarding with a vehicle.
※One application for each vehicle.

It would be easier and smoother to fill out the boarding list before the date of voyage.
Boarding list download
Anyone who bought coupons or advance tickets at a travel agency need to exchange it into boarding tickets the day of boarding.

※Please inform us when in need of help when boarding.


Boarding pass and boarding

Once finished with all of the procedures, we will issue your boarding pass.
Please hand your boarding pass to the clerk when boarding.
Please enjoy your relaxing voyage.

Cautions when boarding

  • ・Guests using student discounts must have student fare discount certificate.
  • ・Guests that are pregnant: We will decline boarding to guests who are over 28 weeks pregnant.
    Also, we may decline boarding of pregnant guests who are up to 28 week of pregnancy to go on board, if and when the captain expects unsafe sailing conditions like bad weather.
  • ・You cannot take your pet with you into guest rooms.