Ship Structure

Miyazaki express・Kobe express

“Miyazaki express” and “Kobe Express” is working as substitute for “Takatihomaru” ans “Mimitsumaru” between Osaka south port and Miyazaki port. “Kobe express” was first called “Osaka Express” when first in service, because the port was more towards the Kansai side. But since 2014, departures and arrivals are at the Kobe port, the name changed to “Kobe express”. Since service until 2004, the boat was called Marine express.

Boat name Miyazaki express Kobe express
Gross tonnage 11,11,931 tons 11,933 tons
Funded December 2nd, 1996 July 28th, 1997
Length/Width 170m / 27m
Sea speed 25 kt
Engine output 19.800psX2
Capacity 690 people
Vehicle capacity 130 trucks/ 85 cars
Location built Mitubishi heavy industry Shimonoseki